I am Bram, married to Wendy and father of four kids. In my spare time I like to go kickboxing, cycling, play tennis with friends, cooking, spend time with my family, but also keep learning and evolving in and for my profession. I am people oriented, inquisitively, eager to learn new things and like challenges.


I have been working in IT since 2002. I initially started at a helpdesk and have developed myself to become a Windows Administrator. After a few years I went into the process and project management side of IT, but never lost the interest to the technical side. I got back into the tech side of IT again in 2017. Currently I work as Cloud Native Engineer at Fullstaq where we help customers Succeed in Cloud Native. My area of expertise is Azure, Kubernetes, Container Security and CI/CD.

Me and my profession

Certifications are not a target for me as such, but they do indicate at which level you perform. Therefore, obtaining certificates is natural to me. In addition to my professional knowledge, I also have various soft skills. I like to work in a team, but I am also very capable to work independently. I love a great sense of humour and always go for a good atmosphere and cooperation within the team. I believe that it is very important that we are open for each other’s ideas and are able to ask each other for advice. Furthermore, I quickly adapt myself to new environments and I can quickly master new business matters.