Bram is married and is a proud father of four children. His hobbies are cycling, tennis, and keep on educating himself. Bram has been in IT since 2002, where he started out as Helpdesk Agent and later on promoted to Windows Server Administrator. A few years later he got into the process management side of IT, with a focus on Change Management. During an organisational transformation at his job at ING Bram decided to get back into the tech side of IT again. His focus for the last 5 years has been Azure, Kubernetes, Container Security, and the tooling around it. He recently shifted his focus to Data Engineering.

Bram likes to challenge himself and obtaining certificates is natural to him, though it is not a target. He sees these certifications as an indication at which level he performs. Bram is a passionate Azure engineer, and he has shown that by becoming a MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) in 2020 and got the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) reward in 2022.

Bram likes to work in a team, but is also very capable to work independently. He loves a good sense of humour and a good atmosphere within the team.
He has been diagnosed with ADHD about ten years ago and he cares a lot about mental health and neurodiversity, so for him humour, a good atmosphere, a safe environment for people to ask for help, open to each other’s ideas are especially important. In 2022 he started a meetup group “Mental Health and Neurodivergence”. With this group he strives to create a safe environment for people to tell their story, struggles, and experiences.